Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hermit Crab Shock Factor

The first time a child sees or discovers something is so fun to watch, usually anyway. A kitten, furry and playful - you have to wonder what thoughts are running behind a little kid's saucer size eyes. A massive world is busting out with discovery, continually unfolding.

At our house discoveries like these are still occuring for our 2 year old dog, Zoey. The cat and his claws are old news for her. The two new hermit crabs were not.

When we bought the unusual shell-abiding creatures at the pet store, we also purchased a rawhide bone for Zoey to accomodate her obsessive paw-chewing, blanket drooling habits - we hoped.

Very excited about her new chewy bone, she held the large clunky double-knotted rawhide in her teeth and would not put it down. In all the excitement and preoccupation with her new possession the presence of the new pets had escaped her.

Hermie and Pearl clunked around in their aquarium, still unnoticed. So we decided to introduce them. We put Hermie on the kitchen floor and let him crawl around. Zoey was standing at attention with the rawhide still jaw-locked. That is, until she noticed that the shell had legs...that functioned. Her eyes grew to the saucer stage at precisely the same time that her body froze and her jaw dropped. The huge bone clunked onto the floor. Hermie's shell clunked onto the floor, legs drawn in.

Zoey went into a playful frenzy, barking and pawing at her new friend. The newness, as predicted, has worn off.

I am thankful that the discoveries of this world and God's greatness are never ending, even though the shiny new bone is now gnarly nastiness and buried somewhere, and Hermie clunks around all night in his aquarium while Zoey sleeps nearby.

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