Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hidden Parts and Life's Ledges

Recently I've been shaken up by someone I care a lot about suddenly wanting to leave their spouse. Then I'm told it's not sudden, it's been bubbling up for quite some time. But it's sudden and shocking to almost everyone who knows them. I get how hard marriage is, make no mistake there. I tend to be more frank about this than my husband, Dave, used to prefer, and I guess I wasn't always comfortable with it either.  But I think we're both becoming more open about our struggles, realizing that there are others who need to know they're not alone.

All of this has me thinking a lot about the hidden parts of me that I don't realize have some level of control over me. I'm talking about the dark and injured parts that are hidden away in my soul. They have the potential to be incredibly destructive to me and those I love if I don't care for them.

If I don't take the time to think, search myself, process, pray, and feed myself with truth and love I will suffer and in turn, those I love may suffer as well. If I don't get some light shining into those dark places I can't expect to make progress. Here's the thing:  I am the only one who can do this work - no one can do it for me and I can't do this work for anyone else.

I know, this post is no funny, light-hearted bit with a slight spiritual emphasis, but it's been brewing in me for weeks. I feel compelled to share it with you with the hopes that fewer of us will be jumping off the ledges of life anytime soon.

Maybe this encouragement will help you muster the courage to face something instead of running from it, uncover something instead of bury it, maybe you'll talk to a trusted friend, find a good counselor, or call someone you've wanted to be your mentor.

We were meant for growth, beauty, freedom, truth, and love. When I give those things to myself somehow I end up seeing that God's been offering them all along. Then, I can begin to bring those things to others. It's weird how that works.

Some great reads over the past several months on this subject:
Psalm 139 (God, I love King David!)
Defining Decade, Why Your Twenties Matter, by Meg Jay
Daring Greatly, by Brene Brown, PhD
You're The One You've Been Waiting For, by Richard C. Schwartz
Immortal Diamond, by Richard Rohr
Jeremiah 33