Thursday, September 10, 2009

Slow Mo for fast days

Ever had a moment when something in this world seems to scream "You're an idiot!" and you look around and wonder who's behind it all.

Well, it happened to me today.

It was not really a crazy work day, but a message someone left on my voicemail was so fast I couldn't grasp it. The second time I listened to it I caught the name and address, but still couldn't get the email address. Maybe I didn't drink enough coffee, I thought, but I had to listen to it a third time.

This time a noticably slower, groggy voice repeated the same message....."you can e - mail me at b f a s t e r@ l i f e. c o m."

OK, I changed the email address to protect the innocent, but unless I am completely losing it (which is debated by some), Verizon has provided a helpful service for slow people. But I'm pretty sure that what they are really saying is "Moron, get the message and delete already. There are other people who need this storage space. Obviously (still the message talking between the lines here), you are having issues keeping up with the pace of the world we live in. Lucky for you we are in a time of recession and must compete for all customers, even the annoying ones. We hope you have a nice day, quickly."
Made me appreciate, well, first, a good laugh.
Then, the patience God has for me. I need it.

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