Monday, January 7, 2013


Me during the Thanksgiving family photo shoot on the roof.
    On Thanksgiving day my son Trevor had this great idea to get a family photo on the roof. I've been game for many an adventure when my boys invite me along - after all, one's children have unparalleled persuasive powers.
    So while the extended Lee family finished the holiday meal preparations in the kitchen our crew headed to the peak of the house.  Getting up the ladder was no issue, nor was the slight porch roof.  It was the 10/12 pitch on the front side that was  surprisingly a little scary with asphalt granules rolling around under the tread of my shoes...and hands (excellent to excessive exfoliator).
     Not everyone opted for the roof.  Mitch and Liz are in the open window and I don't blame them!  Getting the photo (seen in my Christmas blog just prior to this one) was the easy part (thanks to Wes' girlfriend Chelsey who did the clicking).  Getting down from the roof was the really scary part.  I chose to take my time with three sons and my husband surrounding me (and suggesting my every next move).  I tried backwards walking which the boys make look easy.  No go.  I tried on my belly.  Truly a flop. Sitting and taking small crab steps worked best.  This process took so much effort that by the time I reached the easy ladder descent I got a cramp in the arch of my foot!  We all had to laugh.  Oh my gosh, it was an adventure!
    There was healthy fear (the kind that saves your life), and associated fear -like when Trevor got too close to the edge I feared losing another child (not really irrational but a little displaced).  Thankfully I didn't have panicky fear, but it all got me thinking about the role of fear in my life.  So, I've been looking up a lot of verses on fear, and a healthy fear of God. I have a feeling that some upcoming blog posts will address this topic.
    In the meantime, I'm afraid I'm going to miss out on a 75% off post Christmas sale so I better get going. Let's talk about retail fears some other time.