Saturday, February 9, 2013

Listen to the Sign

    The sign said STOP, so I did.
    This is not usually my habit when I'm out for a run.  However, when I took a stretch break I was taking a photo and accidentally switched to video mode.  This shut off my music (I recently discovered that these two things cannot run at the same time).  It was suddenly and beautifully quiet on this mild winter day of blue skies.
    A few cars were coming, which usually means I start running again.  I'm not sure why exactly I do this, I guess I feel stupid just standing there concerned about people's wonderings about me.  But, I looked up and saw the stop sign and felt I should obey it.
    I just stood there on the side of the road listening to a few distant birds chirping, a gentle breeze, and the gentle hum of the highway traffic half a mile away.  I waved at passersby and let them wonder.
    I realized how few times in life that I actually just stop.  Stop and think.  Stop and listen to what's around me.  Stop and be still.  Just stop.
    These were good moments today.  I think God was reminding me to slow down and enjoy life more, experience it rather than rush through it.  It was refreshing to focus on what is good, true, and beautiful around me, to calm my anxiety over the things that are not. It's so freeing to just stop and breathe.