Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Zelda the Warrior Kitty

I began holding my breath for a few seconds as I prepared to run by a dead animal along side the road.  Just as I passed, it turned it's tiny face up and looked at me.  I'm not sure who was more startled, the kitten or me. But this skinny little thing was so happy to see me.  I was still recovering from jumping back when she playfully rolled on her back on the road and started rubbing her soft little self affectionately against my ankles.  

She wanted to stay on the side of the road with the bean field as her refuge when cars came by.  I knew I couldn't leave her here to be hit or starve to death.  I had to take her home.  Besides, she looks just like Bruce!

My run was suddenly over as I attempted to carry her with little success.  She followed me, if you call weaving back and forth between my feet, following.  So, I called Dexter who had passed me a few minutes earlier on the way home from his run.  The first thing he said was "Did you find that kitten?"

"Come pick us up. She can live in the woods or something." I recall saying, trying to figure out a way to justify another cat in our lives.

Thankfully this cat is fit for the outdoors. She makes herself a force to be reckoned with, spitting, hissing, and puffing up in all her glory at the dogs.  I decided she needed a warrior princess name, and after some help from Mitch and Wes, I settled on Zelda.  She  is the opposite of our indoor princess, Eva, who lays down in fear like a snack for her predators.

Like my mother always said, "It takes all kinds."
Like my boys always say, "Your turning into a cat lady."
I like the "takes all kinds" line here.  Besides, I think of myself as more of a zookeeper (though one of the hermit crabs did die this week and I signed an exotic animal paper for that one, am I in trouble?).

I'm really glad God seems to think it takes all kinds, and that He let's me be a zookeeper.