Sunday, July 24, 2011

Balloon Bust

Dave and I just finished up a week of vacation, just the two of us this time. We started with a balloon fest in Jackson, Michigan. We were going to catch the last hot air balloon launch before we headed up to Lake Michigan. Turned out that the heat was too much for them and they cancelled that launch altogether - so disappointing. We did spot a helium balloon afloat in the 100 degree heat, but it didn't do much for us.

The winning moment at the festival was when we were shopping at some of the booths. Shopping would save the day - of course! I was looking at some sun dresses next to another woman. The booth vendor walker over to us and asked the other woman if she needed any help finding a size. "Oh, shut up!" the woman said.

The vendor was taken back, completely in shock. But, I noticed that the woman shopping was wearing a blue tooth headset (she was talking on her cell phone). I started laughing out loud. Then the shopper realized what had happened. She apologized and us three strangers had a good laugh together.

So, it turns out that the balloon festival wasn't a total bust.

Since there is no balloon photo I am sharing this photo from yesterday at a graduation party. I was given a balloon flower. Isn't it awesome? Thanks Kristen!

Friday, July 8, 2011

My Boys are Awesome

On the 4th of July we got a game of pool volleyball going with Dave and I, three of the boys, a fiance' and friends. I feel suddenly ancient surrounded by young people in a pool, no matter what. Add volleyball to that, yikes...but I was doing alright. During a volley one of Dexter's hits slipped and the ball smoked me in the side of the face.

After a pause to make sure I was okay, he said, "Mom, if only you had better reflexes."

"I was four feet away!"

We all laughed. Then a little later in the game Dexter was serving behind me as I stood ready for defense. The ball drilled me in the back of the head!

Everybody sort of gasped and fell silent. I was losing brain cells at an incredible rate with these knocks to the head, I didn't particularly care for it. I regained my senses, turned around and sort of pounded on Dexter. We all laughed.

The next day Wes, Dexter, and friends went off for a couple days of self-imposed running camp. First off, they're gluttons for punishment running in the sand dunes, but suddenly my house got quiet. That same day is when I grabbed this photo of Frank chewing on wood which he does all the time (I prefer this over flooring and books). I noticed that a nailed-on step from one of the boys' many tree forts was attached to one of the logs. It made me sad.

Old times are literally falling away and there is nothing I can do to change it, unless of course I could live in the past which is never a good idea.

Thank God that new experiences, adventures, and...hits to the head, are right around the corner. That's where I'm off to next. I am grateful for a growing, thriving family that keeps me growing too.