Sunday, September 9, 2012

Porch Pumpkin Patch

    Sometime in August, after weeks of busy work schedules by day (and sometimes night) and a bathroom tiling project by night (and into wee morning some days), I walked down my front porch steps and took a deep breath.
    It struck me how neglected my landscaping was, I mean, there were massive broad-leaf weeds taking over the grounds. A closer look revealed that the 'weeds' were actually pumpkin plants that last year's rotted pumpkin display had inadvertently provided.
    I thought about ripping out the vines since there wasn't much growing on them yet. But then I thought, "Why not? Something is alive and thriving, let it grow." 
    Now there are three large volunteer pumpkins pushing the red, barely visible mums around.
    I started thinking how many things volunteer themselves right into my life, and end up being a bright, beautiful addition to my days. What I really love is that God knew it was coming all along.