Monday, August 10, 2009

I rode my bike into town today for some exercise and to mail my mother's birthday gift. I thought while I was there I should check my PO Box that I have just for writing, but I have to confess, there usually isn't much there. Mixed up in the myriad of junk mail was a thank you note with such encouraging words from someone my husband had given a book to, and there was a check...dated from March. Huhmm. I decided that I should have more faith and check that box more frequently.

And now I guess if I'm going to see more in that box I better get to finishing those stories for Heavenly Humor. I learned so much at the writer's conference I went to in Philly, I'm excited to already be applying some of it.

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  1. Hey there Shelley,
    I tried to leave a post earlier and couldn't.
    I posted a pic of us on my blog. I'm w/you about stretching my faith. I'll look forward to hearing what God does in your writing.