Monday, August 17, 2009

Back-to-School cars

"Mom, did you hear that? 'Back-to-School laptops and ipods'?" said my son Wes in disbelief of a radio commercial. "Who are these people?" Then, with a bright sarcastic smile, "Mom, can we talk about Back-to-School cars?"

The next day my 23 year old son Trevor, "Mom, did you hear that (television) commercial? Back-to-School laptops for high school kids?! Even in college I never saw every student with a laptop." He laughs, "What are these companies trying to pull?"

I just laugh! -in not only good humor, but with gratitude, for practical minded kids. They don't always like to hear this, but I guess not being able to, and at other times, choosing not to buy them everything they want, is paying off!

But I have to say, a Back-to-School car really does sound good.


  1. back to school trappers were cool when I was in now laptops!

  2. That is great that your sons are practical!~ Good to hear from you on your blog:)
    Love, Laurie