Monday, May 12, 2014

Snowy Spring Break

   There are so many good little stories I want to share with you! I signed a little book contract back in March that I've been working on (yayy!) but it has kept me so busy, I feel really behind on my blog. So, here come a few of the best I've got lately. I hope you enjoy them.
    My last post was written after a beautiful day and a half at Yosemite at the start of spring break. The very next morning I woke up in my freezing cold 'heated' tent cabin after a night of what I thought was really loud rain.
    Preparing to meet my son Trevor for breakfast I slipped on my flip flops to head to the community restroom. When I cracked open my cabin door I was shocked to discover it was actually three inches of snow that had plopped on the canvas roof all night.       
    My husband Dave, and sons Wes and Dexter, arrived the next day and the same snowy scene reoccurred each morning at Yosemite. It was the most snow they had all winter long. Gorgeous, and of course after this winter I hated it with unparalleled passion.
    The photo here is in the valley where the snow mostly melted by mid-day. The location we would hike 12 miles a couple days later...not the case -- NOT melted. That hike took us through trails with 10 inches of snow for long stretches.
    I have to be honest with you. I cried. "What are we doing in the snow on spring break?!" Horrible.
Trevor gave me a consoling hug doing all he could to encourage me (and stop the tears, they're way too scary!).
    That was a day of polar opposites. Raging beautiful scenery and ugly, raging melt downs (Yes, a meltdown at 30 degrees -- I like to defy possibility). We left Yosemite two days early opting to drive three hours further west to the beach.
    The beach! Now we're talkin. Driving Highway 1 along the coast was like a fantasy I now liken to unicorns and purple penguins. Unbelievable.
    God is real, people. He sees my discouragement and wants to give me joy. I am so thankful!!
One of our stops along Hwy 1 - Dave on a carved tree stump chair...made for a giant.

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