Monday, May 12, 2014

An Anniversary Card Split Four Ways

My brothers David & Ray & I, my parents's Gloria and Ray Maurer.
    This past weekend my entire family met in Florida to celebrate my parents' 50th anniversary. My two brothers, their wives, my husband Dave and I and the 11 grandchildren. It was great! Spring is a nice time for the beach and we enjoyed it.
    Along with my parents' milestone, my brother Ray and his wife Katrina, have their 25th coming soon. My son Mitch and his wife Liz, celebrated their 2nd anniversary today, and of course there was Mother's Day. There were a lot of greeting cards getting passed around.
    The card for Mitch and Liz was sent with Dave down the hall to Trev, Wes, and Dexter's room for signatures. Dave, you may recall is on pain medication... The card came back with a very nice Mother's Day note to me from Trevor. Wes wrote a sweet Mother's Day note to Grandma. Upon discovering the comical error the boys decided to see if they could get Mitch to sign his own Anniversary card, which they did. He actually read the card and questioned them so they told him it doubled as a Mother's Day card for Grandma.
    When Mitch gave their anniversary card to Liz to sign I couldn't let it go on, and we all had a good laugh.
    The family enjoyed this story at our Mother's Day lunch the next day.  I ripped the card into pieces giving each person their note written on the greeting card for four. Never mind that one of my Mother's Day notes said "appy Anniversa" on the other side of it.

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