Monday, May 12, 2014

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and the Iron Skillet

    About two weeks after I returned from the beauty that is California I was diagnosed with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. It comes from a tick bite and the spots give it away before the fever just in case you're wondering!
    A few days after I was in ER for that and still moving pretty slowly, my husband was in the same ER with a shoulder injury from wrestling. He has a high pain tolerance and was writhing with this thing. They were about to send him home with a pain medication that we knew didn't work that well for him. So, I walked down the hall to the nurses station and explained. Turned out they were giving him one of the strongest they could.
    "Can the dosage be increased?" I asked..."No, he's at the highest."
    Thinking about this for a moment I asked the nurse, "Do you iron skillet?"
    From down the hall we heard Dave, "I heard that!"
    It has taken about a month to recover from the spotted fever even thought the spots still linger. But Dave is still dealing with his issue, we ended up in a Florida ER this past weekend with it.
    The good news? One more ER visit this month and we'll get frequent flyer hats.
    The better news: I appreciate my health a lot these days, and having to rest a lot helped me get more of my writing contract done. It's nearing completion.
    I am grateful for much, ER and all!

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