Monday, June 11, 2012


     Judging by recent blog photos only, some may think I'm lady.  But no worries, after this entry I will be a toilet lady.

      Let me begin with how we were toileted. This is a new movement that one-ups the age-old toilet papering prank. Here's how it went:  I was awakened at 1 a.m. by my door bell.  None too happy, I shuffled to the door in fear of a police officer with bad news standing there.  But alas, lucky me!  I was greeted by an old broken toilet sitting on my porch (with thankfully only decaying leaves in the bowl).  What good news...but still none to happy, I had to rest in the fact that around here, people actually only do these kinds of things if they like you.  Odd, if not twisted, I know.

     Later in the day, and completely unrelated (except for the toilet part) I laughed when our little kitten, Eva,  heard a toilet flush next to her.  She skittered sideways and looked up at it in awe, with great wonder on her sweet little face.  I tried to think of it from the perspective of a tiny creature new to the world. I'm sure she conjured up images of amazing things happening in that massive alabaster rock face.  "It's so beautiful, so wondrous!"  Of course she was quite wrong, but so so are my reactions and thought processes to things I can't comprehend. Some things are just beyond me.  Thankfully, not the toilet.

Eva hissed at the wind one day, to which Trevor responded, "the world can be confusing."

I enjoy laughing at these everyday things, but even better, I'm grateful for a God who can help me make sense of some of the confusing...toilets in my life, and trust Him with the rest.

Photo of Eva courtesy of Trevor Lee Photography

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