Sunday, July 8, 2012

Put the Sandals On

    We arrived in Florida for the Disney Duals wrestling tournament just after the tropical storms from Hurricane what's-her-name left the area.  It was good timing and gave us cooler than usual weather there while avoiding the crazy heat wave Ohio was having.
     Sometimes I can get a bad attitude when I spend vacation days on wrestling.  OK, usually I get a bad attitude.  But I decided to just try to make the very best of everything I could. My first decision, beyond flying to meet the team, came at the rental car desk in Orlando.  "Would you like to upgrade to a Mustang?" 

My rental w/ Sky Coaster (white A structure) in background.
      Then on the first night, with a little encouragement and funding from my husband, Dave, I rode the 300 foot high sky coaster swing with my son Wes. You know, the kind that harnesses you in, hoists you up with pulleys, and let's you free fall, then swing?  It is crazy, scary, and I had a blast! 
     I spent time in the sun a little each day, swam in the pool, and read a thriller novel all week, which I've never done before.
     Wrestling matches were exciting and the kids were great to be around.
     One day in between wrestling Dexter had to run out to the team van to get his phone.  He said, "Did you notice my shoe situation?"  Now, I had.  It was hilarious!  He didn't want to put on his street shoes in between matches, and Dave offered his sandals to make it quicker.  Dexter improvised and just put the sandals on over his wrestling shoes.
     It made me think how much better off I am when I too, improvise and adapt.  And even though my flights coming and going were very late and came with rude people and unpleasant moments, I could say that in the end... I put the sandals on.  

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