Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mouse Poop on the Cake & Breathing

   The tent we borrowed for Dexter's graduation party began to blow away soon after the gathering started. Ten or so people hung on to it, myself in a dress, all of us problem solving together to disassemble the tent before the wind wildly did it for us. It was kind of fun actually, and the tent was unscathed.
     This happened right after a board carrying sawdust and mouse poop fell onto the cake.  It had been hiding under a wrestling banner waiting for just the right moment. I was really rattled by its perfect timing.  Guests were arriving and suddenly there was mouse poop on the cake?!
     Some dear friends helped fix it all, but just in case, I hope you ate from the front of the cake.  OK, so there was a little sawdust stuck to the frosting in the 95 degree heat.  But, like sweet Julia pointed out, "It's no more than what we inhale."
     I was suddenly relieved by her comment.  She was right.  And it got me thinking that there are a lot of messes in life where I just need to clean up what I can and then just breathe.  And not worry about breathing.
     When the party was all over that day, my mom opened up the basement door where we had kept Bruce all day.  He lay there on his back waiting, as if to say, "It's about time, where have you been all day?"
     Oh, we were just breathing.



  1. Deftly done, thanks. My initial response to "Mouse Poop on the Cake & Breathing" was,,,,"Now there's a page-turner." But you hooked me and I am pleased that I took the bait. Your voice is true.

    1. Joseph, You have paid me a high compliment with the true voice comment. Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed the post. By the way, my maiden name is Maurer - don't see the name frequently!