Monday, April 4, 2011

The Sprinkles of Spring

Thankfully, dreary days like these bring with them the promise of future flowers, like those popping up outside my kitchen window. Today I was admiring them along with some pansies I planted last weekend. Just at that moment one of the dogs walked up and peed right there. It's sprinkling everywhere.

On this rainy day I thought I would share a post I wrote for whatavisit. com a little while back. It sure fits today in Ohio! The last sentence is cut off in the's supposed to say " nice it was not to worry about leaving them sit at the table. I knocked on the window to wave at friends standing where I would be in a moment, to wait with others under the awnings for the crosswalk light. BG is a really warm town, even on a rainy day." Nothing like spoiling the ending! :)

The full rainy day story is at Happy spring!

Photo above from Nice pics Lizzy!

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