Sunday, April 24, 2011

Deadly Duo and Easter

The four-legged crew pictured here is now known around here as the deadly duo. Bruce scales the heights of the counters and piano top to bat things around and then swats them down to the floor level where Frank awaits his newest play toys.

Toys can be anything really, mouth guards, coins, books, a bright pink ink pen (especially bright on white linoleum), and various plastic items. Today it was a food glazing brush that was drying in the sink tray. A few days ago it was the...turtle.

THAT was a sad day. Bernie the turtle (aka Weekend at Bernie's) did not fair so well with Frank's play.

When we found him upside down, tightly inside his injured shell, we put him in water right away to try to revive him. When he didn't respond we set him on his rock halfway out of water in a sort of hopeful/state of denial.

A couple hours later I found him in the water moving his legs a bit. I was so excited, I texted the boys with the news and renamed him Lazarus. It's possible that the cat knocked him in the water and he was moving with the water looking alive, but, either way, he didn't end up making it. We were all very sad.

We call the dog and cat duo, Murderer and Accessory, but really, they're just...not thinking or incapable of such. Our punishment will not help them. They don't understand. They need good instruction and mostly grace.

This morning, Easter morning, during some songs at church it occurred to me that me and my sin/my stuff, are the deadly duo that put Christ on the cross. The reason that He did what He did. Granted, I was born into this state, and I too, am often not thinking or incapable of recognizing some things. I was and am regularly in need of good instruction and mostly grace.

SO refreshing to realize that I am offered that grace freely.

Easter is really more like New Year's Day.

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