Wednesday, February 2, 2011

5 Guys With Shovels

The bulk of the blizzard sort of skipped over us. I really thought we would see huge drifts and actually get snowed in for awhile. To the north and south of us the weather was much more severe. I was a little concerned last night about power failure when the wind and sleet blasted and we saw a light flicker, but even that we were prepared for. So, honestly I was a little disappointed.
There were some nice things the "blizzard" did blow my way though.
Dinner and euchre with Dave, Mitch, Wes, and Dex, because I wouldn't let anyone leave in that weather.
The Office on DVD because Direct TV was out.
The Puppy, Frank, waiting to be let in, covered in snow and completely happy about it.
Later, Frank at the door being pelted by sleet, not as happy about it.
Two different neighbors who both came over and plowed our driveway, one of them with a back hoe! Wow, thanks guys!
I was remembering times years back when there were 5 guys with shovels and various skill sets working on that very long driveway. Today those 5 shovellers of mine are...smarter (expanded skill sets) and busy with other things. Even though the sidewalk got shovelled today, heavy equipment suits the time.
Once again, the thing I can count on is that things always change. And it's all good when we're moving forward and growing.
I am one thankful person. : )

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