Sunday, January 26, 2014


    This winter in northwest Ohio has really been something and it's not even February yet!
    To attempt to explain this photo (on one level anyway), there have been several days in a row of  lots of snow and below zero temps. The other day: -37 with wind chill (are we in Alaska?!!). So naturally, yesterday when we hit a high of +28, the fifty degree swing felt like spring. The snow and wind didn't let up though and everything was cancelled which left everyone home.
    I am prone to a bad attitude when life doesn't go my way which is most of the time. This, combined with cabin fever called for creative solutions to keep me going. And there you have it.
    If I could remember that all of life is this way, calling for creative solutions, I would be in the hot tub more often (even if my face is freezing!).
    Happy wintering everyone, wherever you find yourself.

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