Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Flat-backed Wise Men and Hope

A wise man or two have been flat-backed in the bustle of the advent season, but the nativity remains intact under the tree. The center white candle on the advent wreath was lit today. The Christmas goodies were fair game at breakfast, which for us this year came closer to lunch time. I know it's a different season in life when I have to wake up my children so I can still say, "It's Christmas morning!" I love it.

This year is even more unusual -we are holding off our usual Christmas morning for two extra days until our oldest son, Trevor, gets home. It has really changed my focus this year.

I find myself thanking God for my family, for my loyal, hard-working husband. For each of my sons, and the wonderful young ladies they have brought into my life. For my daughter who I'll see in eternity. For my good friends, and my family members. The Thank-You-God list goes on for pages.

Of course, intermingled with the blessings of life are the hardships and challenges, a list that feels much longer sometimes than the thank you one. And here is where my focus shifted this year. Along with turning worries into prayers more than I have previously, I realize as solid as ever, that without Hope I have nothing.
Hope that God has a plan for every baffling thing (of which there is no shortage...I think I mentioned that).

Hope that eternity will be beyond my wildest imaginations and dreams.

Hope that my life here will make an eternal difference for others.

Hope for ongoing personal growth, and authentic, rich relationships.

This Hope, the eternal kind, is what I celebrate at Christmastime. Eternal life and redemption right now, are only possible through the Savior Christ who came as a babe for the likes of you and I.

That's it. Hope. Without it I shrivel and die.

Merry Christmas. Truly.
With Hope Eternal,

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