Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Shiny Tennis Balls Hanging from the Tree

     Twinkling lights glitter the landscape and Christmas music started playing on the radio two weeks ago.Yep, it's that time and I love it!
     Walmart decorated way before Black Friday, which has nothing to do with the fact that for the first time in my life I was one of those people who waited in line for the equivalent of a day for a crazy deal. But before you judge, let me explain. 
     Our family room TV came to us when one of Westley's friends salvaged it from the curbside.  It has duct tape covering a couple of the buttons so they don't shock you. It was a step up at the time. It still works, but when we had the opportunity to get a nice, much larger TV for such a great price we decided to go for it.  Westley, Dexter and I and our friends Joe, and Taylor arrived at the store shortly after Thanksgiving dinner (now you can judge me).  We were the first in line and there was hardly anyone in the store.  One of the managers told me I couldn't sit on the low shelf. We waited there for seven hours and fifteen minutes until midnight.  We witnessed pandemonium, saw a lot of weird people, stopped caring about the germs on the floor, and used it as a dinner table at one point.  We discovered that you can fit three 40 inch TVs in an Impala with five people. I won't do that every year but it was worth it, that TV is beautiful.

     Frank came home for a visit today and as usual, was asked to drop his slobbery tennis ball outside the door.  He saw the tree in the other room before I could catch up with him. I heard a 'tink' and ran in to find a gold ornament on the floor.  Frank would like to know why there are shiny tennis balls all over the tree...inside the house.  He would also like to know why they don't bounce like tennis balls, such a buzz kill, he says.
     Those are a couple of the lighter holiday happenings that help me smile amidst the heartbreak of loved ones who are hurting, and friends who are deceived and broken.  I'm not telling those stories here, I'm praying over those ones, and doing whatever I can in my small way to help.
     I try to see all this, with my feeble mind, in a way that I think God might see it. 
      ...and I got nothin.
      What I do know is that I can trust Him, and that He gives me joy along the winding way.
     I better go check on Frank now.


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