Friday, July 8, 2011

My Boys are Awesome

On the 4th of July we got a game of pool volleyball going with Dave and I, three of the boys, a fiance' and friends. I feel suddenly ancient surrounded by young people in a pool, no matter what. Add volleyball to that, yikes...but I was doing alright. During a volley one of Dexter's hits slipped and the ball smoked me in the side of the face.

After a pause to make sure I was okay, he said, "Mom, if only you had better reflexes."

"I was four feet away!"

We all laughed. Then a little later in the game Dexter was serving behind me as I stood ready for defense. The ball drilled me in the back of the head!

Everybody sort of gasped and fell silent. I was losing brain cells at an incredible rate with these knocks to the head, I didn't particularly care for it. I regained my senses, turned around and sort of pounded on Dexter. We all laughed.

The next day Wes, Dexter, and friends went off for a couple days of self-imposed running camp. First off, they're gluttons for punishment running in the sand dunes, but suddenly my house got quiet. That same day is when I grabbed this photo of Frank chewing on wood which he does all the time (I prefer this over flooring and books). I noticed that a nailed-on step from one of the boys' many tree forts was attached to one of the logs. It made me sad.

Old times are literally falling away and there is nothing I can do to change it, unless of course I could live in the past which is never a good idea.

Thank God that new experiences, adventures, and...hits to the head, are right around the corner. That's where I'm off to next. I am grateful for a growing, thriving family that keeps me growing too.

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