Monday, June 13, 2011

Caution! Needs to be Under Construction

The pool deck slopes here and there. There are hidden weak spots where you least expect them (be careful!). The carpet that was once sturdy and a sweet blue, is thinning, fading, and worn through to the sagging spots. The integrity of the deck structure has been compromised from years of changing seasons and a few winters that seemed to have no end, not to mention the rough treatment of people not always thinking. The liner, holding the very thing a pool is for, has not delivered what was promised (some people you do business with are not who they say they are). A lot of self-repair and obvious patching has had to occur. The filter basket is so fractured that the skimmer pulls it down into itself. Plumbing issues are at least an annual thing. The filter is tired of taking in the continual dirt and back washing it all out again, thank God for the waste mode when things are really bad after the long winter. The motor's casing is covered in rust on top of rust, but it keeps on ticking. This pool is old. I actually made signs for the deck to protect visitors from injury (umm case you wondered what those pictures were).

But, the water is finally a nice shade of blue. I can't quite see the bottom clearly but it is really refreshing to enjoy the water.

All this has me thinking that my wreckage of a pool is much like life (read it one more time). Broken, repaired, getting tired, getting fixed, and overall, worth it.

Thank God.

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