Sunday, February 21, 2010


We're in the most intense time of wrestling season, and life is just plain busy. I don't have time to write a fresh creative blog story (obviously right, look at the date of my last post...).

So, I'll update you with the news that I just turned in a finished little book project for Barbour Publishing (a gift book entitled You're Sweet), the family & wrestling team are doing great, and our kitten is in fact, alive, after escaping into the winter for a night.

I thought I would do a quick little picture story for fun.

I need to relax a little more like this. Just in the middle of life....relax.

Dave and I did go to Maumee Bay for a night last weekend for our 24th Anniversary. We slept a ridiculous amount of time with this view out our window. That was one of the nice deep breaths in life.

A short time later reality awaited me at home...

Did I mention that I want to relax like this?

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  1. at least the stove top was clean!!! yeah, sometimes it doesn't pay to get away and relax.