Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bruisers and popsicles

Life in a house of teenage and college boys is interesting. Other adjectives that come to mind: messy, funny, loud, challenging. But, mostly entertaining.

If they are not talking about Fight Club or movies of the like, they are hosting their own fight club of sorts (as evidenced by photo).

A typical conversation occurred the other night, accompanied by an unexpected humility moment.

Trevor was giving Cody crap about something funny, I don't remember all the background. But it went something like this.

Hanging out in the kitchen, a few of the boys were 'de-briefing' after an Elmwood wrestling dual. Cody thought a certain wrestler's stance was scary and thought it would be intimidating to wrestle him. Trevor (per normal) thought it would be fun to mock Cody. So, while eating his Popsicle (a staple around here) Trevor got in the 'scary' stance, acting all cocky, and said, just after taking the Popsicle out of his mouth, "Every time I wrestle you now Cody, I'm going to do this..." and then another hit off the Popsicle. This is when it flew out of his mouth and hand, somehow simultaneously, with perfect arc, onto the floor.

Everybody roared!

Trevor had to laugh too, with a face that said, "OK, I deserved that."

It took awhile for the laughter to die down. We enjoyed it.

Later I thought how God has a way of putting me in my place when I start getting overly confident. Humility, forced or chosen, either way, we all need it.

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