Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Homemade Cat Door

So this kitty, Jak Jak's his name, found a quarter sized tear in the screen and made his own cat door that worked really nicely for him (it's shaped a lot like a large hole...right there). It turns out that his ingenious handiwork only got him part way in this case. He needed someone bigger to open the door, preferably someone with thumbs, to get him out from between the doors.

It hit me (sort of hard) that no matter how much I work, how hard I try, and even finish a project (that may or may not be as innovative as the cat's door) there are so many things that I cannot accomplish all alone. I need help.

Mitch and Endo on flooring day one.

We spent the month of September tearing out a wall between two rooms, painting, tiling, and putting down wood flooring on most of the first floor. The wall part required a professional who knew how to remove a load bearing wall and put it all back together nicely (thanks John Light!). The paint required patience and input from paint pros and Home Depot. The tile required my husband's help with cutting (Thanks Dave!). But the biggest part of the project was the flooring which ended up being a 12 day adventure that a good friend (thanks Endo!!)  and our sons helped us with. We could not have done it alone.

I got to thinking how many ways this is like life.  We weren't meant to do this life alone. I can only get so far by myself. In my job. In my family. In my relationships. Even in my faith. To get past my efforts, my hole in the screen, and through the door requires the hands of others. Sometimes the hand of God.
Most of the time, both.

I'm thankful for the help and this space!

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  1. it looks great!
    Cannot wait to see it in person, and you guys too!!!