Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sideways Rain and Sleep-in Saturday after Half Dome Crazy Climb

 Thunder boomed suddenly and skies opened up this morning at roughly...5:21 a.m. I know this mostly because the dogs were freaking out and banging on my door to be let in for comfort to their panicked selves.
   No efforts to calm them were fruitful. They wanted to try nearly every room in the house and whined in every location. Even the cat was crying for our attention.
   Somewhere around 6 a.m. when my husband had the dogs and cat calmed in the guest room I heard the water alarm in the basement. Barely conscious I plodded down to find the corner of the basement beginning to flood. Rain continued in sheets, and at 7 a.m. the sump pumps were starting to catch up, keeping the flood out in the yard. Dave babysat the pumps while I dropped back to bed only to be awaken again at 8 a.m. by the dogs who had been left outside and had something to say about it. I looked outside, bleary eyed. Sideways rain greeted me at the front window, wet dogs at the back door.
   Thank God this all gave way to the dogs being as exhausted as me and I got a much needed sleep-in Saturday. Good thing too, as this week was a busy back to work week which followed a crazy fun vacation week out west to see our oldest son, Trevor, who works at Yosemite National Park.
Me on top of the Half Dome, Yosemite Valley below.
   As is the norm, my kids get me into some things I wouldn't necessarily choose myself. This time: hiking the half dome! This is the mile high hunk of granite that the North Face brand logo is in the shape of. We hiked the rounded part (which puts us in the saner category theoretically). The top 800 foot ascent is nothing but cables to pull your self up on at over a 60 degree angle. What an accomplishment this was, mentally even more than physically. In the end it was about a 20 mile day, one which water and pizza have never tasted so good. It was great to spend this day with Trevor's friends Tim and Sydney too.
   Dave and I were reminded of that big day with each step in the proceeding days of our California stay. Dave, Trevor, and I also saw Tuolumne Meadows in our rental convertible, we floated down the Merced River until Trevor's raft blew a hole, and we ate at the beautiful Ahwahnee Hotel. Dave and I rode mules on rocky trails with our new friend, Sydney, as one of our guides. It was awesome!
   Our flight home was out of Las Vegas, but before the flight we managed to eat dinner at the 107 story revolving Stratosphere, see the famous Bellagio fountains, and Hoover Dam. When we returned home we had our 6th wedding of 8 this summer, and Cedar Point with the kids last Sunday. What a great and full week of vacation!
   I guess today's sideways rain and Saturday sleep-in was just what I needed. Thank God the dogs are still sleeping.

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