Monday, March 4, 2013

Hope Resurrected

     Nothing sounds the trumpet of spring more than new life.  And I know it's early, but Zelda, the roadside stray I picked up while running last year, had four sweet babies. Zelda, you may have heard, has kangaroo hopping skills and is seriously the friendliest cat I've ever known (so...if you you need a furry Easter gift I can hook you up!). This one (pictured at left) comes with a bold M on her forehead.
    In other pet news from the zoo, my good friend Tracey was taking care of our crew last weekend while we were away.  She texted me with concern over our 5 year old dog who acts 10.  Zoey would not get off the couch at 1pm to go outside, Tracey reported.  My response:  Zoey likes to lounge all day, no worries there.  Zoey also knows that she's not allowed on the couch, additionally, she knows that you don't know!
    What a dog! Zoey is smarter than she lets on.
    Yesterday, the animals followed me around  outside while I put the chairs around the fire ring on my beach.  If that isn't exciting!  I don't even care if I sit out there in a snow flurry at this point I tell ya, spring is coming!
    There are birds that I haven't heard since the fall, and the ground is getting softer.  The sun has come over to the other side of the house and it doesn't set until a whopping 6:30 these days.
    I know each of these things are small but when I up-righted my rickety wind blow pathway arch, all I could think is that hope is resurrected!  Hope for spring, a time we traditionally celebrate the resurrection that changed everything.
    In so many ways, I am thankful.

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