Friday, February 10, 2012


   A good friend of mine and I managed to get our men to go out dancing with us last week.
   A restaurant in Toledo has dancing after nine o'clock organized by a local ballroom dance studio.   Dave and I had gone to a New Year's event where the same studio gave a short dance lesson followed by people dancing mostly ballroom (to apply what you learned presumably).  But we didn't feel too out of place just dancing however we wanted to either.
  Aside from New Year's Eve, Dave and I have taken a few lessons - and have forgotten most of it.  No, that's not true.  We have forgotten all of it. So, now we are in Toledo with our friends, Brett and Lisa, waiting for a short dance lesson. I asked the dance instructor about the lesson and he informed me that they don't do lessons there, but he would take me around the floor for awhile to refresh my memory. I let Dave and our friends know so they could watch and learn.
   I had such a fun time!  Let me tell you what I learned.
   I learned that the instructor is a very good dancer. I learned that I had no trouble following him. I learned that my friends and I were on our own with the dancing that night. So, we just made things up and twirled around with our partners and had fun.
   At one point when we sat down for a drink Brett said, "I don't think we're all doing so bad.  I mean, we're the ones people are watching.  Some people are even pointing at us!"
   After a good laugh we decided we were signing up for lessons soon.
   I got to thinking that a lot of things in life are this way.  It's okay to just enjoy something, but if I want to be good at it I need to humble myself, seek good counsel or instruction, and apply what I learn (over and over and over again).  I also got to thinking how glad I am that God is patient with me.

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