Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Life

Funny, how I find myself jealous of our cat, Bruce (also funny that we named him Bruce Lee because he is more of a bug slayer).

We find him keeping tightly to his rigid nap schedule as evidenced here, and obviously any place is a good place to lounge or nap.

It is common to find one of us staring at him (and laughing), and commenting on how nice it would be to have his life. He comes and goes, opening the sliding screen door at his leisure (bravely protecting the household against all sort of enemy bug).

The ease of which this creature of God exists is enviable, to be sure.

But then, Bruce doesn't have the capacity for planning beyond the next bath or bug really. He doesn't seem to be dreaming, goal setting, and working toward...much of anything. He doesn't read or process media (that I know of), in fact, he likes to sit on whatever I'm reading. All of this you know of course, since you are reading this and not your cat.

But still, he really has the life.


  1. I love the cat pictures. Cats are so fun aren't they?

    1. Hi Kristina, Thanks for your comments. I am just now realizing that there are all these comments that have been posted that I didn't see - so I'm sorry I didn't respond sooner! Thanks for reading. : )