Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ghetto Van Moves Down the Road

"What?! You're selling the red van?!"

I'd heard this from more than one wrestler on the day that we put the red ghetto beast up for sale.

And I suppose when a vehicle is 20 years old and has gone on as many wrestling trips as this one has, its bound to have garnered some attachments.

"No, you can't sell it." (says a face in denial).

One of our boys thought we should bury it half way into the ground in the front yard, along with other Astro vans that bite the dust in the herd. The same boy thought it might be a 'viable' option to let her go out with a bang at the demolition derby.

As one of the bill-paying individuals in the household I thought we should place an ad that read something like:
Astro conversion van for sale, mature (250,000 miles) and actually dependable with many special features: child proof sliding door (only opens from outside), theft proof passenger door (only opens from inside), fold down bench seat (allows one older child to sleep diagonally), variable speed automatic window controls (sometimes they take several minutes to get back up), optional power locks (sometimes chooses not to lock some doors), theft resistant cargo doors (there's a nail-breaking trick to opening the dented rear door that chooses not to lock).....and there's more! Call 419-GHETTO-VAN

So many great ideas. None of them happened because the treasure sold in one day's time. Going, going, gone!

Next morning, the 13 year old Astro van wouldn't start.

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  1. Shelley! Love reading your stuff! Tim's car just turned 250,000 and we are currently looking for something new...he's a bit sad about it! Still runs great but the frame has rusted and now broke on both sides...but currently being held together by a welding job! We were warned it's probably not all that safe. :(

    1. Hi Shelly, for the years I have been blogging I have not looked at the comments. Isn't that crazy? I don't know if I thought no one was really reading or what, but just tonight I found this whole page of comments and was so encouraged that yours was there! ...from 3 years ago!! I'm sorry - I wasn't ignoring you. : ) I'm glad you liked the story. God bless you. Miss you guys. Shelley