Thursday, December 10, 2009

2009 Family Christmas Letter

2009 has been a good year….

Warning, this Christmas letter contains mainly good parts of the year. There is a danger that you may fall into the erroneous belief that the Lees have it together. Be strong, don't fall for it.
Dave has kept busy all year. Late spring through mid-fall he kept the growing mowing/lawncare business going with help from the boys. He is entering his 24th year of teaching and his 23rd year of coaching wrestling at Elmwood. His favorite read this year was Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller. Trevor graduated from Hallmark Institute of Photography in June and has been shooting weddings and other work back at home. He is helping coach wrestling with Dad again this year. Biggest news this year for him - he proposed to Jamie Hoke and she said yes! They are getting married in early fall. We are excited to welcome Jamie to the family! You can find more of Trev's story and photography at Mitch is working hard in his sophomore year at BGSU. He has done a lot of mowing to pay for college and is also coaching junior high wrestling again this year. A nice article appeared recently in a local paper on all the boys' wrestling involvement, you can read it at Wes loved making it to state in wrestling last winter. Over the summer he and Dex went to Young Life camp, always a hit! This fall the Cross Country team made it to state too and took 10th. A nice thing for the senior year. Now he and rest of the crew are in the throes of full tilt wrestling. Dexter was excited to "make it into the 16's" this year, that means running a 5K in less than 16 minutes (Crazy right?). He enjoyed being part of the Elmwood Cross Country team this year a lot! He's working really hard at wrestling along with a good team. Shelley is still working in development at BG Christian Academy. She keeps writing on the side. Really enjoyed going to a writer's conference in Philly over the summer, and has had a couple new things published. You can read more about that on her blog Her favorite read - also Blue Like Jazz! Family stuff: We all enjoyed visiting Trevor at Hallmark, near Boston, for his graduation. We also took a vacation in Port Clinton. That's right. Had a great view of the nuclear plant too. More recently we've been thoroughly entertained by a new kitten who has joined the crew. The kittten's name is a subject of debate. Mac, Leo, Bruce, or Meatwad? Send your vote via one of our facebooks or Bruce loves playing with the baby Jesus, and well, the entire porcelain nativity cast actually. Presently two wise men are down. ..oooh, Joseph just face planted into the camel. Ed and Zoey are exhausted just watching Mac. The hermit crabs have nothing to say.
Just in case all this good news is really getting you down, maybe this will make you feel better. Last month, 4 of our 6 decrepit vehicles (Trevor has the 2000 Alero starship of the fleet) were broken down. Six people. Two vehicles. A real kick-in-the-pants sort of week that was. Also, I did not get out on Black Friday to shop, but someone else did - with our card number. I think that qualifies us for Visa identity theft commercial appearances.

We hope 2010 is awesome and that you have very few breakdowns, of any kind….this goes out with a prayer that the coming year finds you closer to God with deep peace and a Hope beyond this world.

In the Christ who came to a messy manger to rescue us,
Love, The Lees

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